Scrapbook Book Report

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  • Published : March 5, 2011
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Scrapbook Book Report

This report will be a character study of the main character of your book, and it will take the form of a scrap book. You are to create a scrapbook as if it were put together by the main character. You may use a physical scrapbook or create an electronic scrapbook if you have the software. Make sure your work is typed or neatly written, well thought out, organized, detailed, and well developed.

← Check off each requirement as you complete it.


□ Scrapbook Cover
The scrapbook cover should include the character’s name, the title of the book, the author’s name, and your name. Be creative as to how you incorporate each of these elements into the cover. Illustrate the cover so it is a reflection of the main haracter that created it □ Journal Entry

Write a journal entry from the main character’s point of view that gives a summary of the book. The journal entry should: o Be written in complete paragraphs.
o Include a brief description of the following: main character, setting, major events. o Be written on a sheet of paper and stapled, glued, or taped into the scrapbook. o Include a date that reflects the date the character wrote it.

□ Pictures and Photographs
Ten pictures or photographs are to be included. They should illustrate each of the following: o The main character in a scene from the book.
o The character’s family or friends.
o The main character’s major accomplishment. The setting of the story. o Pictures of your choice reflecting the character and the story. Each picture must have an accompanying caption that describes what is shown. The captions must be at least two complete sentences.

□ Letter to a Friend / Letter from a Friend
Write two letters for this section. Put each into a separate envelope, address it to the appropriate character, and tape it into the scrapbook. Letter 1 – write this letter from the main character’s point of view and...
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