Scottish American Immigration

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  • Published : August 29, 2010
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Scottish American Immigration

America was created by people who immigrated to the country over the years. One of the many groups of people to come to America and help build into what she is today was the Scots. In order to discuss the Scottish immigration you must understand why they immigrated, what type of prejudice they faced, and what role the Scots now have in today’s America. Though the Scots did not have the influx of people immigrating as the Irish, Italian, or English they had a major influence on the development of America. When did the first Scottish arrive and why did they come? “The first Scots in America probably came with the Vikings” is what Wikipedia says on when the first Scots came to America. The first official record of the Scottish being here was in the early 1600’s. There were many reasons for the Scots to come America. Some Scots came to America to avoid prison or worse execution. In that instance they had no choice but to go. Most came to America as indentured servants in order to make a better life for themselves once they had worked off their passage. “At the end of that time, they were on their own and it was up to themselves to make something of their new life in the New World.” ( The Scottish did not come to America because they were oppressed nor did they come because of a great civil war in Scotland. Most Scots came to America to try and find a better life then they had. For those who came over as prisoners it was a chance for a whole new beginning Most immigrants that came to America faced hardships and prejudice once reaching the American shores. The surge of Scots came in the 1700’s when “between 1715 and 1776 some 250,000 of them arrived.”( For the Scottish it was a different story. Though “looked down upon by the English, Dutch, and Germans, who saw them as less civilized” the Scots were also thought of as great warriors, explorers, and farmers. This was to their advantage in that they were...
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