Topics: Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Microsoft Windows Pages: 9 (1777 words) Published: May 20, 2013
Lesson 8

Managing and Monitoring Windows 7 Performance

Learning Objectives

Students will learn to:
• Update Windows 7.
• Use Event Viewer.
• Use Performance Monitor.
• Manage Performance Settings.

ODN Skills

Configure updates to Windows 7.7.1
Monitor systems.7.3
Configure performance settings.7.4

Lecture Notes

Updating Windows 7

List the types of updates and explain the differences between them: • Hotfixes
• Security Updates
• Cumulative Updates (or Rollups)
• Service Packs

Demonstrate how to configure the Windows Update client, both manually and using Group Policy.

Briefly demonstrate the server side of Windows Server Update Services. Then, demonstrate the Group Policy settings required for a computer to use a WSUS server for its updates.

Using Event Viewer

Demonstrate the basic functionality of Event Viewer.

Do not demonstrate the process of creating subscriptions, as the students will have to do that themselves in Lab 11.

View the component logs in Event Viewer.

Demonstrate how to create a custom view in Event Viewer.

Using the Performance Monitor Console

Do not demonstrate how to use the basic functions of Performance Monitor or how to create a performance counter log.

Demonstrate how to create an alert and what happens when you trigger it.

Demonstrate how to interpret Reliability Monitor data.

Managing Performance

Working with Processes

Demonstrate how to view and manipulate processes with Task Manager, Resource Monitor, and Process Explorer.

Managing Services

Ask the students to define what a service is.

Demonstrate the use of the Services console, including starting and stopping services and configuring their Startup Types.

Configuring Performance Option Settings

Demonstrate the effects of the settings in the Performance Information and Tools control panel.

Configuring Power Settings

Do not demonstrate how to configure power options, as the students will do this themselves in Lab 16.

Using ReadyBoost

Demonstrate the use of ReadyBoost, using multiple USB flash drives, if possible, to show the new capabilities of Windows 7.

Key Terms

Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) An HTTP-based file transfer service that downloads files using only the network’s idle bandwidth. This enables Windows Update to perform downloads without affecting other applications that are using the network. BITS downloads are also resumable, in the event they are interrupted.

baseline A set of readings, captured under normal operating conditions, which you can save and compare to readings taken at a later time. By comparing the baseline readings to the workstation’s current readings at regular intervals, you might detect trends that eventually affect the computer’s performance

channel A log for a Windows component in the Event Viewer console. When you expand the Applications and Services Logs folder, you see logs for Windows applications, such as Internet Explorer. Then, when you expand the Microsoft and Windows folders, you see a long list of Windows components. Each of these components has its own separate log, called a channel.

collector A Windows 7 computer, configured with an Event Viewer subscription, which receives event information from other computers over the network.

data collector set A collection of performance counter readings gathered under controlled circumstances for evaluation at a later time.

events A single record in a log of Windows system activities, viewable in the Event Viewer console.

hotfix A software update consisting of one or more files designed to address a specific problem or issue with the operating system.

instance An element representing a specific occurrence of a specific performance counter.

performance counter A statistical element that the Performance Monitor application can track in a variety of ways. You...
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