Scotoma: Psychology and Figurative Blinder

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  • Published : January 19, 2008
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Scotomas are a figurative blinder that allows you to see only what you choose based on your conditioned mind. By knowing you have them allows you to see your potential and break through these barriers. My personal scotoma that i struggle with would be my attention span with something that doesn't necessarily interest me. This alone could hinder me from completing my educational goals. But if i focus on daily goals and set my mind to what I need to accomplish, this wont stand in my way.

Cognitive dissonance is a mental conflict occurring when new thoughts are presented posing current beliefs as incorrect. Your personal opinion or "self talk" significantly affects your learning ability. If your subconscious believes you can or cannot do something then your conscious mind acts in accord. So it is imperative to keep an open mind with all we are about to learn not allowing current beliefs to interfere with new information.

Two positive beliefs that i have "locked-on" are my drive to be successful. Although I've never attended college, I've obtained distance education licenses and degrees. These programs took dedication and commitment outside of my career. With this same drive and "I can" attitude I will continue my education with South University. Also, I believe I am a very detail and organized person and this is something I have locked-on ever since I can remember. I plan my schedule weeks in advance with my personal and work schedule. These skills will be applied with class to get the most out of my day, sometimes making sacrifices.

Two negative beliefs that I have "locked-on" to that might hinder my advancement are believing that I can achieve excellent grades no matter when I begin my studies. Not everything is going to come easily and it may take more time to grasp certain concepts that we are about to learn. To change this in the upcoming weeks I am going to make a conscious effort to thoroughly review all assignments and notes. This will allow enough...
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