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  • Published : December 20, 2012
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The scorecard
The scorecards measures of key indicators, focuses managers and employees attention on what is important to the organization. Focusing on desired result increases the ability the relative effectiveness of various policies and practices. Just as organizations keep scorecards on their financial effectiveness. The importance of evaluating HRM

Hr managers are unable to describe their contribution so, the evaluating of HRM is important. The HR department is being treated like other operational units, it is subject to questions about its contribution to organizational performance. Measurement of the HR function is critical for improving both the credibility and the effectiveness of HR. If you cannot measure contribution, you cannot manage it or improve it. Resistance

Some HR managers resist measuring their work. They argue that HR activities cannot be measured, since outcomes such as employee attitudes or managerial productivity are impossible to calibrate meaningfully or precisely. The 5c model of HRM impact

Senior management depends on HR expertise to ensure that organizational practices comply with the law. Legislation dealing with the employer- employee relationship is increasing. The safety, health, employment equity, and industrial relations are all highly regulated. HR can make a difference by ensuring that managers and employees comply with the law, thus saving the company legal cost, fines, and damaging publicity. Client satisfaction:

Many organizations are tracking their success by measuring customer satisfaction. Stakeholders, who include external or internal clients, are those people can influence or must interact with the HR department. Managers are turning to client or stakeholder perception of the HR department for input about the effectiveness of HR performance. Methods of measuring client satisfaction:

1. internal feedback
2. surveys
3. critical incident method
Problems with measuring client satisfaction:
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