Scopes Trial

Topics: Religion, Morality, Christianity Pages: 3 (1023 words) Published: November 17, 2010
March 9 2010
History 13
Paper #3

In 1925 religion and scientific theory collided in a courtroom. John Scopes, a school biology teacher, deliberately violated the state’s anti-evolutionism statute. The fundamentalists won their case in court. The Tennessee state prosecutor won a conviction against Scopes on the grounds that the legislature had the right to determine what was taught in public schools within the state. The key question during the trial: Should religious beliefs influence public education in a nation where church and state were constitutionally separated? Absolutely Not! The separation of church and state protects an individual’s religious right. Whenever too much of anything becomes an absolute power; things outside the “circle of thought” never seem to breakthrough. As history has proved in the past no one religion can rule the world and the mindsets of the billions of people on this planet with absolute law and oppression. Religion is a view or belief of a higher power/truth, that an individual or group identifies with. Religion is also a philosophy that outlines the pattern of human day to day living under a set moral or value system. The United States constitution protects an individual’s ability to choose and practice a religion without fear of persecution. The educational system of old conditioned young minds to the Fundamentalist “Christian” moral and values as the default way of life. There is no class in public school today that will teach you about choosing a religion or a way of life unless you pay for it and your parents approve of it; (i.e. Private School). Most likely if your parents have grown up a certain way; that certain way will be instilled upon you by default. Is it a fair way to be brought up? Well it depends on who you ask. During the State vs. Scopes trial; both sides had support and opposition but what was the root excitement of this trial in the public eye? It was Religion vs. Reason (Science), the long battle of...
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