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  • Published: November 8, 2011
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This study aims at providing an insight into the financial position by comparing the Balance Sheet of Auto Syndicate Private Ltd. This study confined to five years data from annual reports 2006-2010, financial statements and other records of the Auto Syndicate Private Ltd. OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY:

The study is undertaken with the following objectives
* To study the liquidity position of the company.
* To analyze the financial performance of the company.
* To predict the general financial position and profitability of the company and to offer possible suggestions. * To identify the financial strength and weakness of the company. * To understand about the historical performance of the company. LIMTATIONS OF THE STUDY:

* This study mainly depends upon the secondary data, that is annual reports and other records. * The financial performance of the company is analysed only for five years. The reliability of the study depends upon the accuracy of the data in the annual reports.

The selection of a topic for the research is the first in a project it is importance to define a research problem. This problem defines the goals of the researcher. The research problem in this project is to analysis the financial performance of the company. NATURE OF THE RESEARCH PROBLEM:

The research is a diagnostic study general to solve the specific problems relating to financial performance by discovery of the relevant variables that is associated with financial statement. RESEARCH DESION:

The project is Descriptive of research. In this research the researcher has no control of variables. Only reports what has happened or what is happening can be controlled. The research can discover causes but can’t control the variables, as it studied what happened. DATA COLLECTIONS:

Data are mainly collected from two sources
The required data where collected through...
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