Scope of Philosophy of Education

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  • Published : June 28, 2013
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The scope of philosophy of education is confined to the field of education. The scope of philosophy of education is concerned with the problems of education. These problems mainly include -
• interpretation of human nature, the world and the universe and their relation with man,
• interpretation of aims and ideals of education,
• the relationship of various components of the system of education,
• relationship of education and various areas of national life [economic system, political order, social progress, cultural reconstructions etc.],
• educational values,
• theory of knowledge and its relationship to education.
The above mentioned problems constitute the scope of philosophy of education and explain its nature. Thus, the scope of philosophy of education includes following.
a] Aims and Ideals of Education Philosophy
Philosophy critically evaluates the different aims and ideals of education. These aims and ideals have been prorogated by various philosophers in different times. They are character building, man making, harmonious human development, preparation for adult life, -development of citizenship, -utilization of leisure, training for civic life, training for international living, achieving social and national integration, -scientific and technological development.

Thus, philosophy of education critically evaluates different aims and ideals of education to arrive at. b] Interpretation of Human Nature:-
A philosophical picture of human nature is a result of the synthesis of the facts borrowed from all the human sciences with the values discussed in different normative sciences. The philosophical picture, therefore, is broader as compared to the picture of man drawn by biology, sociology, psychology,...
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