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The present Technological century is the age of using ICT in Teaching – Learning process. The Teacher and Learner must gain access to technology for improving learning outcomes. Educational reforms include successful designing and implementing of ICT in the teaching-learning process, which is the key to success. ICT is an important instrument, which can transfer the present isolated, teacher-centered, book-centered learning environment into a rich student-centered environment. This new learning environment developed by the ICT is called Interactive learning environment. ICT is a new teaching-learning process. ICT aims at transferring the old traditional paradigm of learning to the new paradigm of learning. INTEGRATING ICT INTO CLASSROOM TEACHING

Integrating ICT into classroom teaching is perhaps one of the greatest challenges facing education today. Supply of ICT into classrooms has increased enormously in the last few years and now interactive whiteboards are common place. ICT integration into the classroom offers unique new levels of individual, child specific teaching, accurate assessment and perhaps best of all saves time. 2

ICT has transformed education. Indeed, what we are witnessing is a revolution of education. Schools / Colleges in India are trying to join in the revolution. Many schools are attempting to achieve functionality and excellence along the standards set by international trends. Some believe that ICT provides global marketing opportunities. Others believe that ICT helps students broaden their knowledge base. Whatever the belief, the utilization of ICT in India to date has mainly focused on learning about hardware and different software packages. Not many schools focus on implementing ICT to truly benefit student learning. While some have tried to implement various ICT strategies, they now face the challenge of implementing them effectively. ONLINE EDUCATION

Online education makes use of the available media but is more than a long list of possible media. In an initial enthusiasm, online education focused on creating costly high-tech classrooms with a personal computer on every student’s desk. The underlying philosophy being that placing computing at the student’s finger tips would have a big impact on the quality of education. ONLINE CLASSROOM

The classroom provides individual computer workstations (with internet and personal headphones) to each student in the class room. This set-up is popularly known as an ‘Online classroom’. 3
In the classical lecture mode of teaching the instructor keeps on delivering the lecture to be interrupted only by students, who do not get a point. This happens rarely, as many students feel shy to ask questions in the class room. In an online classroom using multimedia lecture sessions, the students can easily reverse a few steps so that the concept gets clear. In this case, the instructor is also free (not delivering a lecture) and can attend to individual problems / queries of students. In the classical lecture mode, examinations are conducted once or twice every year. Such a low frequency of examinations is due to the fact that conducting an examination and the evaluation is quite a tedious process on part of teachers. It is very difficult and monotonous to perform the corrections of answer scripts scribbled in bad handwritings. More importantly, it is cumbersome for students as well because they are subjected to a traumatic period of examinations of various subjects. This kind of an assessment system is a compromise, whereby convenience gets a preference over accuracy of assessment, which is possible only by frequent assessment of the student’s performance. Obtaining a tally of student answers in a large class is problematic. The use of online classroom in conjunction with appropriate ICT can make such a daily assessment possible. A real time conduct and evaluation of quizzes given to students at the beginning /...
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