Scope and Limitations

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II. Website Information

A. Scope
The standards of this project include product delivery, privacy, safe and secure payment, and service. It provides an exact calculation of payments and eliminates manual process of monitoring orders. Its limit is it cannot ship overseas.

B. Target Audience

Teens nowadays are very conscious about on how they look, some are just fond of shopping which they call "shopaholic", and some just want to recreate themselves on buying excessive things. Thus, adults in some way, also want to look good when facing different people at their workplace or even at their neighborhood. So, the website offers different quality products for customers to blend their attire on different culture, different situation, and different people.

The website aims to have a male customer which ranges from 18 to 35 years of age. Also aims to offer products at its lower cost and will deliver anywhere in the country.

C. Users

Owner – has the admin rights.
Customer – must be computer literate.

D. Objectives

This proposed website will help solve the following problems by improving the current online marketing tactics of the business. It specifically aims to: 1) Enhance the marketing of the company.
2) Comfort the customer on shopping at their own home, without having to step out of the door. 3) Allow customer in canvassing products of their own choice from website to website. 4) Introduce the company all over the world.

5) Give customers easy access to consumer reviews.
6) Lessen pressure sales.
7) Advertise easily.
8) Provide a faster response on inquiry about the available products. 9) Provide an efficient way in handling transactions.
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