Scope and Delimitation

Topics: Debt, Loan, De facto Pages: 3 (1002 words) Published: October 15, 2010
Many of the problems concern the management and employees of money lending companies today. From manual to automated system, is one way of minimizing the problems of having data loss, miscalculation, and secured record keeping of the debtors. The proposed system will have a solution for the problems. 1. How will the proposed system be able to lessen the time and work needed to compute the loans and interests? 2. Can this proposed system be a tool to organize the records needed by the company and data of debtors? 3. What safekeeping measures can we create to avoid redundancy of debtor’s files?

B. Scope and Delimitation

The proposed system, Money Lending Information System will replace the old paper based system used by Alay Buhay Development Foundation Inc... The Money Lending Information System shall be used company’s administrator to asses the interest or calculate the annual strain without having problem computing.

The system shall be programmed and designed Visual C#. The database which will contain all the data borrower or employer will be stored and kept secure using with Microsoft SQL (MSSQL) and OLEDB will be use to connect the user-interface and database. Advance skill in Visual C# shall provide a very user-friendly interface not only in the staff but for the administrator as well.

Before the step proper, the borrower or employer will ask to fill-up a simple information sheet and after the fill-up, the staff will input the information in the proposed system in order to store their credentials in the company database. Their information will be kept in the database for future references. If the borrower or employer will passed the interview and approved, the staff will input necessary information such as type of payment, how much to be borrowed, due date, interest, requirements and other important information. If the old system uses Microsoft Excel to store the borrowers information and...
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