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  • Published: May 8, 2013
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Report Summary: Supply Chain Management Best Practices

Supply Chain Management Best Practices
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Benchmarking Report at-a-Glance
Featured Companies More than 100 companies including: • DaimlerChrysler • Dana Corporation • Dell Computer • Eastman Kodak • FedEx • Ford Motor Company • Hewlett-Packard • HON Industries • Intel • Johnson Diversey • Lexmark • Motorola • Siemens • Wal-Mart Industry Analysis • Supply chain managers seek to improve and enhance operations to boost competitiveness in the face of increased marketplace and profitability pressure. Information Types • 40+ Practices, 20+ Detailed Metrics, Graphics & Data Analysis Report Length • 135 pages

Because supply chain performance directly affects quality, customer lead times, inventory levels, and delivery time, supply chain management has a direct impact on company bottom line. Understanding the very latest systems, practices and worldclass performance in supply chain management is a key component in evaluating one’s own organization. This Best Practices Benchmarking™ Report is crucial for helping supply chain managers to identify and correct critical performance gaps. The report also provides specific direction for improving processes and maximizing shareholder value. The study was originally conducted for a high-tech manufacturer, looking across the entire supply chain at metrics and best practices in delivery...
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