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Report Summary: Supply Chain Management Best Practices

Supply Chain Management Best Practices
ABOUT BENCHMARKINGREPORTS.COM is a service of Best Practices, LLC, the world leader in benchmarking. allows us to offer you the knowledge captured from our primary research at a fraction of the original project's cost. Best Practices, LLC has conducted cutting-edge benchmarking research for top companies since 1991. Our corporate motto is "Access and Intelligence for Achieving World-Class Excellence." Let us help you find solutions to your current business issues today! Visit our corporate site at

Benchmarking Report at-a-Glance
Featured Companies More than 100 companies including: • DaimlerChrysler • Dana Corporation • Dell Computer • Eastman Kodak • FedEx • Ford Motor Company • Hewlett-Packard • HON Industries • Intel • Johnson Diversey • Lexmark • Motorola • Siemens • Wal-Mart Industry Analysis • Supply chain managers seek to improve and enhance operations to boost competitiveness in the face of increased marketplace and profitability pressure. Information Types • 40+ Practices, 20+ Detailed Metrics, Graphics & Data Analysis Report Length • 135 pages

Because supply chain performance directly affects quality, customer lead times, inventory levels, and delivery time, supply chain management has a direct impact on company bottom line. Understanding the very latest systems, practices and worldclass performance in supply chain management is a key component in evaluating one’s own organization. This Best Practices Benchmarking™ Report is crucial for helping supply chain managers to identify and correct critical performance gaps. The report also provides specific direction for improving processes and maximizing shareholder value. The study was originally conducted for a high-tech manufacturer, looking across the entire supply chain at metrics and best practices in delivery performance, cycle times, supply base management, costs and productivity initiatives. Information was gathered via interviews with executives in leading supply chain organizations, surveys of dozens of leading companies, and online research on more than 100 companies. Months of diligent and thoughtful research are synthesized into 135 indispensable pages — serving as a playbook for future supply chain initiatives.

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Report Summary: Supply Chain Management Best Practices

Supply Chain Management Best Practices (OP-87) profiles a class of companies that demonstrate successful practices in managing supply chains. By studying these companies, your organization can gain a deeper understanding of how leading organizations manage systems and programs to which leading executives attribute success. To assist companies in assessing their supply chain functions against that of industry leaders, Best Practices LLC benchmarked a select class of manufacturers. Benchmark findings provide executives with the tools necessary to perform a gap analysis, identify potential areas for improvement and close performance gaps to eclipse the competition. Specifically, this study examines the following components of industry-leading supply chain management: • • • Performance to standard measures such as on-time delivery, fill rate, lead times, etc. Supply chain costs and cost saving initiatives Demand/supply chain initiatives that enhance the working relationship between vendors and customers, including BTO (build-to-order – mass customization), CPFR (collaborative planning forecasting and replenishment), VMI (vendor managed inventory), ATP (available to promise), cross-docking, and outsourcing to third party logistics providers. With respect to the benchmark class, Best Practices LLC cast a wide net, communicating with dozens of companies highly regarded for their supply chain practices. All invitees were considered...
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