Topics: English-language films, Rose, Flower Pages: 1 (474 words) Published: April 18, 2013
On top of the colorful clouds, lays a peaceful palace - a wonderland. A mysterious man glances down at the magic mud; as he moves his huge hand on top of the mud, a fragile figure slowly appears. In a few seconds, as he claps his hands, snaps his fingers, stomps his feet, a-bunch of innocent immaculate lives were created. “ You,” he pointed at the clumsy cow, “ you have to work every day and night and you may only eat green grass. I announce, you will own 50 years of life.” He said in a gentle voice as he hands the cow a red rose with 50 plump petals. The clumsy cow slowly lifted up “Dear mighty God, if I can only work and not enjoy life, I would rather live for 20 years.” and the clumsy cow pick 30 plump petals from the rose and throws them in the air. The man nods his head, and the cow moss as she leaves. “ You, sir,” he pointed at the mocking monkey “ you have to perform for people and be a clown. I announce, you will have 40 years life.” He said in a sympathetic voice, and he handed the mocking monkey a red rose with 40 plump petals. The mocking monkey shouts “ I only want 10 years of life and bye.” The monkey picks 30 plump petals as he jump and leaves the room. The man smiles helplessly and turns to the last creation. “ you, my lovely baby boy, you only need to sleep, to play, to have fun; you will have 10 years to enjoy your life.” The man smiles with love in his eyes and he hands the boy a red rose with 10 plumps petals. The baby boy cheers and dances. A thought creeps into his unspoiled mind. “ My Lord 10 years is not enough to enjoy life, I heard the clumsy cow gave you 30 years back and so did the mocking monkey,” he said innocently with his blinking eyes. “ If you love me, give me those 60 years so I may completely enjoy my life.” The man shakes his head and says, “ Whatever you like my child, however, don’t regret.” God summons the fallen flowers and reunites the plump petals to the sweet stem. As time goes by , the baby boy has fun for his...
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