Sciology Equality in Relationships

Topics: Marriage, Homemaker, Home economics Pages: 2 (614 words) Published: March 5, 2013
In the world of sociology there are a lot proof for and against the equality in relationships. In this essay I look at the reasons for and against in true depth. This wills involve a number of sociologist and I will use their research and proof to determine what they have found. Young and Wilmot research and views support that relationships are becoming equal. Young and Wilmot take a march of progress view of the history of the family. They see family life as gradually improving for all its members. Becoming more equal and democratic. They argue that there is a trend away from segregated conjugal roles and towards joint conjugal roles and the symmetrical family. The symmetrical family us when the roes of the husbands and wives although not identical, are now much more similar. The reasons for this is because women now go out to work (most of the time part-time), men now help with house work and childcare, couples are now more home- centred. This however is more common in young couples. Gershuny research and views support that relationships are becoming more equal. Gershuny believes in a trend towards equality view. This means that he sees that women working full- time is leading to a more equal division of labour in the home. Gershuny has used research and evidence to back these points and views up. He found that wives who did not go to work did 83% of the housework and even wives who worked part time still did 82%. He found that the longer the wife had been in paid work the more the husband is likely to do. This means as women’s earning power increases relative to men’s. So men do more in the home. Hilary silver and Juliet schor research and views support that relationships are becoming more equal. Silver and schor they see two major economic development that reduce the...
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