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echnology has changed our lives in many different ways. It has changed the way we communicate, the way we receive information and has impacted our lives in a major way. This change has affected our lives in both positive an negative ways. Technology has made it easier to communicate and keep in touch with people no matter where they live. Technology has also given us the chance to meet people in a much easier and quicker way. Social networking site like facebook and myspace have made this possible. Technology has also made letters an article of the past. People do not take the time write letters when they can send an email from their cellphones or laptop much faster. Technology is slowly taking over people's lives and affecting their personal relationships. People can hours on social networking sites or texting, this can interfere with their schoolwork or jobs. Their obsession with technology can have a negative impact on their lives. The internet has changed the way people receive information, shop and communicate. You no longer have to look up information in a library or in an encyclopedia you can find it on the internet. Instead of shopping at a store you can buy almost anything you want online. People also share alot of private information on the internet. On social networking sites people post pictures and share share private information. This could be dangerous because everything that you post is made public for everyone to see. Education has been greatly changed by technology. We now have the ability to use computers to show students how to better understand math and science. With the improvement of audio technology, we now have the ability to replay historical speeches so they can be listened to by students. Technology has also allowed us to store our history and scientific discoveries. Technology has also changed new broadcasting. We no longer have to read the newspaper to see the news we can look on our phones or on our laptops. We can now...
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