Scientific Names of Plants and Animals

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  • Published: September 29, 2012
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Scientific Name of Plants
Ornamental Perennials
The following is a list of the common plant names cross referenced to the scientific name of plants. The list represents some of the most popular varieties of perennial plants. The scientific names of plants is based on taxonomy, the science of plant classification. Each name has two parts, the genus and the specie. This is referred to as the binomial (two names)system founded by Linnaeus, a Swedish botanist. Some species will have a third name, called the subspecies, variety, or form. You can think of taxonomy as the plant directory of all species. The plant kingdom has over 350,000 species, thus the necessity of an ordered classification system. •Anchusa myosotidiflora – Brunnera macrophylla

Anise Mint – Agastache
Apache Plume – Fallugia paradoxa
Apple Blossom Grass – Gaura
Artic Willow – Salix arctica
Arrow Broom – Genista sagittalis
Avens – Geum
Aztec Indian Berry – Duchesnea
Baby White Swan – Echinacea ‘Cygnet White’
Bloody Crane’s Bill – Geranium sanguineum
Blue Cohosh – Caulophyllum
Blue Indigo – Baptisia australis
Blue Mist Spirea – Caryopteris
Bugleweed – Ajuga
Bugloss – Anchusa
Burnet, Giant – Sanguisorba tenuifolia
Bush Clover – Lespedeza
Bush Morning-glory – Ipomoea leptophylla
Bush Palmeto – Sabal minor
Bush Pea – Thermopsis
Butter Bur – Petasites japonicus
Buttercup – Ranunculus
Butterfly Bush – Buddleja, Clerodendron ugadensis
Candylily – Pardancanda
Candytuft – Iberis
Chinese Lantern – Physalis
Chinese Yam – Dioscorea batatas
Chocolate Flower – Berlandiera
Chocolate Vine – Akebia
Coral Bells – Heuchera
Cowslip – Caltha
Daisy, Ox-Eye – Leucanthemum vulgare
Daisy, Shasta – Leucanthemum
Dame’s Rocket – Hesperis
Dwarf Golden – Linum
Dwarf Palmetto – Sabal minor
Dwarf Red – Helenium x ‘Rubinzwerg’
Edelweiss – Leontopdium
English Daisy – Bellis
European Elder – Sambucus...
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