Scientific Method and Research Study

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Quantitative Nursing Research Critique
Lei Viray
November 14, 2011
Elizabeth Esterl RN, MS, CCRC

Quantitative Nursing Research Critique
The evidence-based practice is an essential element in nursing care. The research and evidence based practice are related to each other. The health care professionals including nurses are able to read and analyses the research critically to identify the best practice. The research critiquing of a quantitative research is an approach to examine each step of research process and analyzing the strengths and weakness of research article. Critiquing help to determine the applicability of a research process in nursing practice. This article is a quantitative nursing research critique regarding the survey research “Do Obese Persons Comprehend Their Personal Health Risks”. Purpose of the Study

The purpose of the study in the research article is to test the individuals that are obese and overweight if they are aware about their at greater risk of related obesity diseases and mortality that are premature. In this research the purpose of the study is stated but it is not clearly stated according to the title of the research study. The term premature mortality used in the objective of the study is not in correlation with the title of the article. The obesity related diseases need to be mention in the objective. The title of the report is too short and it contains only eight words and it is confusing also. The title should be between 10 and 15 words long and should clearly identify for the reader the purpose of the study (Connell Meehan, 1999). The abstract of the study is not clearly mentioned here. The abstract must include details that regards to the objective of the sample size (design), method, study, findings, conclusions, recommendations, and clinical relevance. This research article mentioned only the objectives, methods, results, and conclusion. Literature Review

The author mentioned an overview of the literature regarding the rapid rise in obesity and mentioned the rate of increase in obesity during the period of 1976-1994. The article was written in 2008, there is no current data available during that period. It is very essential to mention the recent origin studies and that is ideally less than five years. The review of literature in this article mentioned about the historical material and it is a good point in literature review. There is detailed review of literature, but there is no citations used within the text. There is no citation for the article of perceived risks cancer and heart disease among individuals that are cigarette smokers. The author also mentioned that only one study has tested the impact of excess weight or obesity on personal health risks but not mentioning the name of the study. The literature review in this research article begins with a good introduction and it is a characteristic of a good literature review. It is very important that the data in a literature review should be reviewed critically and should be contrasted and compared with the other research findings of research studies. The author presented different studies here but it is not reviewed critically. Theoretical Framework

The theoretical framework in quantitative research study is often testable midrange theory and it should developed from clinical observations. There is no identified theoretical framework for this research study and the theoretical framework is unclear and not in a narrative format. Research Objectives, Questions, or Hypothesis

The hypothesis is well stated in this research study and the hypothesis has a link between the method of research study that is undertaken and the purpose of the research study. The purpose of the study in this research article is to analyses the obese and overweight individuals aware that they are at the high risk for obesity-related disease and reduced life expectancy and the hypotheses states same dimension stated in the objective....
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