Scientific Method and Research

Topics: Scientific method, Research, Academic publishing Pages: 1 (458 words) Published: January 30, 2011
There are several goals that the conclusion of a dissertation should try to achieve. The first is to talk about whether or not the research project that you undertook achieved its aims. Remind the reader of the goal of the dissertation, which you laid out at the beginning of the dissertation paper. Review the steps which you took throughout the research process, as well as any kind of problems you ran into, issues that affected the course of the research or ways in which the research process turned. Finally, explain the results that were received from the research. Was the research successful? What were your main findings and how do they affect your current views? Try to put the findings that you have made in the greater context and show how the research that you engaged in during your project relates to issues in the greater world. Next, continue to relate the results of your dissertation project to the real world by talking about any recommendations that you can make based on what you have learned. Do the results of your research suggest a particular course of action that specific people should take? If so, are the people aware of the results of your research, and if not are you going to take steps to make them so? What kind of further research are you going to suggest that could continue to broaden our collective understanding of the research topic you have chosen? Give the reader a sense of what the future could be like in terms of researching your topic, and present some beginning ideas for what the next step could be, if you have any. Also, make any observations that you can at this point about the research process itself. Which aspects of your research methodology bore the most fruit? What gave you the most accurate results? If you had to start over from scratch knowing what you do now, what kind of advice would you give your former self to decide on how to structure your research process and what to do? What parts of your research would you devote further...
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