Scientific Method and Research

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  • Published : September 22, 2010
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1.Describe what C. Wright Mills meant by the term Sociological Imagination. C. Wright Mills believed you should take a look at oneself and compare it to the bigger picture which is “Society.” Mills wanted people to view the world as an outsider looking in on the problems of the social order rather than looking into oneself for answers. Mills also believed that individuals take for granted his or her own lifestyle and what they feel should be acceptable within all of society. Belief systems vary throughout the world - however, Mills deemed that when the populace was able to take a more analytical examination, discerning from themselves, dealing with societal problems would be more beneficial to all. 2.Describe the similarities and differences between Conflict Theory and the Feminist Perspective. Both Conflict Theory and the Feminist Perspective share a basic “Tug of War” between different groups of power. Both consist of various bias towards ideas over the way people think as well as economics within society i.e. Conflict Theory shows that the poor would be more accountable for a crime than the rich, as within the Feminist Perspective women were not treated equal to men, thus resulting in women being declared as a lower class when compared to men. Conflict Theory demonstrated the poor were belittled equally as within the Feminist Perspective women were disparaged as well. Society dictated that these aforementioned groups were not good enough. The differences between the Conflict Theory and the Feminist Perspective are unambiguous. While the Conflict Theory deals with all of society, economically based, and is uniformity with power, the Feminist Perspective deals only with women, their classlessness, rights, and their social rolls. Conflict Theory does not comprise an inclusion of violence whereas the feminist movement encompasses how women have been abused domestically. 3.Define the term scientific method and the five basic steps used in the...
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