Scientific Method and Experiment

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  • Published : May 13, 2013
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Science Mrs. NeunieB.M.A.
8/24/11 WednesdaySelf Check Questions Number 1 7.B. Q) Describe scientific methods.
A) The scientific method consists of six different steps. The first step is to state the problem. Then you must gather information about your topic that you have chosen. Once you gathered your information you form an educated guess called a hypothesis. Then once you have drawn a conclusion you perform an experiment. Then during your experiment you should analyze the data. After you analyze you draw a conclusion if your Hypothesis is supported or is not supported. If it is supported your repeat the experiment many times and if it’s not supported you revise your hypothesis then do the experiment again. Q) Infer why it is important to test only one variable at a time during an experiment. A) It is important to only test one variable at a time during an experiment because variable can change. Q) Indentify the SI unit you would us to measure the width of your classroom. A) The SI unit you would use to measure the width of your classroom would be in meters. Q) Compare and Contrast a theory and a hypothesis.

A) The difference between a theory and a hypothesis is that a hypothesis is guess that can proved with the scientific method and a theory can’t be proved by the scientific method. Some similarities are that they are both guess and can proved right. Q) Think Critically Can the veterinary technician in this section be sure that deodorant caused the cats’ skin problems? How could she improve her experiment? A)The veterinary technician in this section can be sure deodorant is causing the cats’ skin problems. Yes she could have improved her experiment by using the same cats with the different litters. She also could have used different litters than the ones she used. Q)Write a paper that explains what the veterinary technician discovered in her experiment. A)The Veterinary technician discovered that...
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