Scientific Method and Electronic Databases

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  • Published : September 7, 2010
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Midterm Essay Exam

1.What are methods of inquiry and how are they used in criminal investigation? A: Methods of inquiry are ways an investigator gathers information for the particular case he or she is investigating. Some of the methods used in criminal investigation are evidence collection, collecting witness and victim statements, and searching electronic databases. An example of a method of inquiry for evidence collection would be the steps an investigator is required to use in gathering physical evidence from a crime scene. Another example would be to search electronic databases and the internet. 2.What is the optimal mindset of an investigator and how are the concepts associated with the optimal mindset of an investigator manifest? A: In my own opinion, I think optimal mindset of an investigator means, the way an investigator processes evidence and facts in his or her own mind. I think the optimal mindset of every investigator is to find as much physical evidence and facts as possible and to solve the case in a timely manner. 3.What is the scientific method and how is it applied to criminal investigation by investigators? A:The scientific method is a procedure of asking and answering questions by making observations and by doing experiments. The scientific method is used by criminal investigators to determine who, how, and why the crime has occurred. The steps to the scientific method is to first ask yourself questions to what you are trying to determine. Second is to do the research of the facts that you have. Third is to create an idea of how you think the crime happened. The fourth step is to test your idea by creating experiments. The fifth and final step of the scientific method is to examine your data from the experiments and come to a conclusion. 4.Discuss four important sources of information for criminal investigators and provide detailed practical examples of each source listed. A: Investigators have many sources of information available to...
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