Scientific Method and Coffee Filter

Topics: Scientific method, Measurement, Air pollution Pages: 2 (396 words) Published: March 22, 2011

Unit 2 Preliminary Pollution Report

Kaplan University

Purpose of the experiment:
The purpose of the experiment being done is to measure particulate air pollution in Steger, Illinois. I am doing this experiment in order to find out how good or bad the air quality in my area is. Specific and testable hypothesis:

I expect to measure a lot of pollution in my area because there is a lot of traffic that comes through in this area especially heavy machinery due to building going on close by. I expect the color of my filter to be gray or dark gray and I expect it to contain little particles of dirt. Methods:

Describe your experimental setup and provide a list and brief description of the equipment used in your lab: A measuring instrument for air pollution was made from a coffee filter, dental floss, and vasoline. 1. Coffee filter-standard white coffee filter

2. Vasoline-standard clear petroleum jelly
3. Dental Floss-long string of dental floss cinnamon flavored Describe how you made a measuring instrument from a coffee filter: I took the coffee filter and punctured two holes on either side of the filter. I then took the dental floss and tied it to each of the holes on the filter. I then laid the filter down and spread the vasoline on one side of it. I took the filter and turned it around and spread vasoline on the other side of the filter making sure to lay napkins down before doing this so that I do not get the vasoline all over my table. Explain any steps taken to reduce experimental uncertainty:

I didn’t have a tree or anything to hang it from so I took it to my sister’s house and hung it from a tree in her backyard and also tied some rope around the dental floss that was around the tree branch to make sure it didn’t blow away or get knocked off by rain or anything. Describe how you make initial observations with your filter before putting it outside so that you have a control: I...
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