Scientific Investigatory Project

Topics: Electricity, Electromagnetism, Electrical generator Pages: 2 (481 words) Published: March 29, 2013

A. Background of the Study

Most people grew up and lived with the electric currents flowing through the wiring within the walls of their homes. They helped us a lot everyday besides giving energy to power appliances at home such as television, computer, radio, video games. Electricity keeps more important appliances like gas stove, refrigerator, air conditioners which we all need to lessen and help us in our work and in life.

Thus having power cut tends to create confusion and panic in homeowners who are unprepared. The continuation of power outages due to widespread power failure can not only be inconvenient and problematic, they can be dangerous and can create troubles and accidents for people who depend on power to operate appliances and medical devices within their home.

A generator can keep your appliances that require electricity at home functioning normally and your family can continue on their routine. They also help maintain a safe and well-ordered life in the midst of possible chaos and accidents. It is a device that converts mechanical energy to electrical energy. Some electric generator use fuel to supply electric power; they restore a home’s electricity during a power failure but a wooden generator doesn’t need fuel to supply electric power. Wooden Generator is easier and it can be done by anyone. If you don’t want to buy electric generators because they are expensive, you can create your own “Wooden Generator”. In a wooden generator, the most essential structure is made of wood. The only non wooden parts are the magnet and the wire. Wooden generator can light up any low voltage/ low current lamp. It doesn’t matter if you suddenly experience power failure because of a natural disaster or a simple error if you already own a generator.

B. Statement of Problem

This aims to study and analyze the benefits a wooden generator. This study also wants to find out how the speed of turning rotor, the diameter of coil, the...
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