Scientific Investigation Into the Manufacture of Paint

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Scientific Investigation Into The Manufacture Of paint

Introduction: PPG Industries is a leader in its markets; is a streamlined, efficient manufacturer; and operates on the leading edge of new technologies and solutions. In this assignment I will be comparing the process of paint with the industry and in the laboratory.

Process of paint

In the industry
Making paint involves mixing the pigment with resin, solvents, and other additives to form a paste. This is normally done as the first step.

In industrial used paint it usually then routed into a sand mill. Next it is placed in to a large cylinder where it grind the pigment particles, this process makes it smaller so and dispersing them through the mixture.

Paste – In this process the pigment manufactures sends the bags of the fine grain pigments to paint plants. Next the pigment is premixed with resin. Finally one or more solvent and additives is added to form a paste.

Dispersing the pigment – the paints is routed into a sand mill, the particles of sand or silica to grind the pigment particles. The sand mill makes them smaller. Dispersing them through the mixture. Finally the mixture is filtered so that the sand particles are removed.

Thining the paste – It this process the produced is thinned to produced the final product. The paste is transferred to the large kettles, which is agitated with the proper amount of solvent.

Canning the paint - In This process the final paint product is pumped into the caning room. Where a machine places the lids onto the filled cans, and other presses the lids to seal them. Next the bailometer is then cut and shaped the handles; this is before they are hooked into the holes in the cans.

In the laboratory
Separate the coloured solids from the water filtration
Set up Buchner funnel
Filter paper and Buchner flask
Connect the Buchner flask to the water pump and turn on the water supply. Pour liquid into the Buchner funnel.
Coloured solid behind should be left behind
Remove any remaining water from your solid.
Scrape solid into a small beaker using a spatula.
Measure about 10cm3 of propanone in a measuring cylinder.
Pour the propanone into the beaker and stir the mixture with a stirring rod. Put a new piece of filter paper in the Buchner funnel.
Filter the mixture
Transfer the solid to a mortar.
Grind it carefully with a pestle
Transfer it to a yogurt pot. Add just enough linseed oil to make a thick paint. Comparing Industrial process to laboratory process
The difference between making pain the lab and in the industry is that making paint in the lab requires more labour work then in the industry, this is because in the industry machines are used to make the paint. Another difference is that the amount of paint made differs from each other as in the lab only a small amount of paint is made where as in the industry large quality are made. Also the use of paint can sometime differ from each other as in the lab the paint is mostly made for scientific purposes where as in the industry it is made to be sold to the consumer in order to make a profit. Equipments

A laboratory scale
A laboratory scale is used to measure out substances for example chemicals; the maximum weight they can handle is not that high as they don’t require it to be that height. Laboratory scales measure grams too four decimal place, but they only handle up to 100 grams. Laboratory scale is small, because you only need enough to do an experiment. Plus laboratories generally don't have the facilities to produce things in bulk.

An Industrial scale
An industrial scale is a large scale which is used to measure considerable amounts of products which are going to be sold. Industrial scale are accurate for large amounts of materials as they measure masses up to 2,000 pound, the scales only go to the nearest pound, which makes in precise when used in the industries.

Difference between an industrial and laboratory...
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