Topics: Scientific method, Francesco Redi, Hypothesis Pages: 1 (252 words) Published: March 25, 2013
GE 150 Survey of the Sciences
Unit 1 Lab 1
In the experiment that I performed that was based on the Redi experiment on spontaneous generation, I first observed that there were several pieces of uncovered meat. There were maggots on the pieces of meat that appeared to be older. There were flies flying around and landing on the meat. The questions that I asked about what I saw were why were there maggots on the older meat, and did the maggots have any connection with the flies. I also wondered if the meat was covered, would the flies and maggots be present. My hypothesis was that the flies and maggots wouldn’t have infested the meat if it was covered and that the maggots came from the flies. My prediction is that if the maggots came from the flies, then the meat should be covered so that there would be an absence of flies and maggots on it. I then performed an experiment where I left two jars with meat in them out for four days, one open and one with a stopper. The results I collected were that the flies flew into the open jar and produced maggots and maggots were not present in the jar with the stopper because the flies could not get inside. In my conclusion, I came to the understanding that the maggots on the meat were directly connected with the presence of flies and that if the meat is covered, there will not be maggots.
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