Science Work and Power Lab

Topics: Energy, Watt, Joule Pages: 2 (548 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Work and Power Lab: By Jade Cash 12/13/12
In physical Science Class we did a work and power lab. The purpose of the lab was to determine the work and power required to walk and run through one floor of stairs. In this lab you would determine three physical quantities which are energy, work, and power, and related unites of measure. When I was doing the experiment I learned you can walk up the stairs or you can run up the stairs in one floor. In both cases you are doing the same but at different rates. The rate at which the energy is changed work is called P. P equals work /time interval. The unit of power is Joules / seconds equals Watt. My distance was 3.5 M. Also my weight was five hundred and fifty times one hundred and twenty-five. The total of my work was 1925 Joules. My first trial for running up the stairs came out to be 203.2 Watts. My first trial for running down the stairs was 296.1 Watts. The Second trial for running up the stairs was 2890.3 Watts. For running down the stairs the total came up to 254.9 Watts. Also, trial three for running up the stairs was 215.1 Watts. When I went down the stairs it was 226.2 Watts. Since power equals work / time, then running takes more power because the time it takes to travel up the stairs is less then walking up. The work I did running and walking up to the stairs was not the same. Running up the stairs took more power. My averages are almost identical because the energy required to do the work is going to be the same, or close, as the energy used when the work is acting on the system. The power you develop as you climb up the flight of stairs requires energy. As the weight of the body moves through a distance, work is accomplished. Power is the rate at which work is done. In this activity my group tries to maximize the power you develop by applying a vertical force up the flight of stairs over a period of time. The objective was to predict the factors that affect power developed. Everybody in my group had...
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