Science vs. Spirituality: Set the Differences Aside

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  • Published : November 14, 2012
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Science Vs. Spirituality: Set the Differences Aside

Alexandra Findleton

Science & Spirit
Mrs. Karen Kaderavek
October 31st 2011

CEGEP John Abbott College
Science Vs. Spirituality: Set the Differences Aside
Philosophical questions about life have been around since the very beginning of humanity. From times as early as the first civilisations until today’s recent societies, humans all over the globe have always wanted to know more about why and how we exist. For many, life can be meaningless without answers to these questions. Up until very recently, religions have provided very promising explanations about our existence for the vast majority of people around the world. However, with all the major scientific discoveries that everyone is exposed to nowadays, a growing number of people have shifted their understanding of life from a spiritual point of view to a more scientific point of view. Science, today, provides an alternative explanation to the philosophical questions about life. So which approach provides the true explanation? Is there a God somewhere up in the heavens acting upon humans or are humans the product of an extensive and complex evolutionary process? The debate is currently ongoing, because neither scientists nor spiritualists have certainly proved or disproved God. And, until a definite proof is revealed, there will always be conflict between science and spirituality. How will humanity progress this way? In order for humanity to progress as one, atheists and spiritualists must communicate empathetically towards one another. These opposing viewpoints must learn to coexists and work hand in hand rather than create conflict and argue indefinitely. The most common error that members of the scientific community and the spiritual community make is ignoring “the amount of civil disobedience on both sides” of the debate. Fundamentalists as well as staunch atheists seem to have hard-wired thoughts about each other and their own...
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