Science vs. Religion Today

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  • Published : January 13, 2013
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Science vs. Religion Today
Alan L. Schroeder
PHI 103
Prof. Scott Edgar
June 16, 2012

Science vs. Religion Today
* It is commonly believed that religion and science are mutually exclusive concepts, and there is no way for them to coexist. I believe that recent scientific discoveries have actually done much to reinforce the concept of intelligent design, and that religion and science will continue to develop until they are not only fully supportive of each other, but also indistinguishable from each other. Scientific discussions usually involve the use of deductive proofs, while religious topics usually utilize inductive methods to infer their conclusions. In Logic: An Introduction, Mosser states that “A deductive argument is one that seeks to establish a conclusion on the basis of premises, with a tight connection between the premises and conclusion”(Bridgepoint, 2011). He also says that “In contrast to deductive arguments, inductive arguments offer conclusions that, one way or another, introduce information that is not contained in the premises”(Bridgepoint, 2011). Therefore, science uses a collection of premises that are tightly connected to the conclusion, and then progressively builds on that conclusion with new premises that relate, to form brand-new conclusions. Religious discussions usually involve conclusions that are not directly linked to the information in the premises. Mosser also states that “Understanding how arguments work, and why they often do not work, will help make our own reasoning better, and make it less likely that we are persuaded of something when we shouldn’t be”(Bridgepoint, 2011). It seems to me that science and religion are on two ends of the same gradient spectrum. Mike King writes, “As mentioned earlier, one of my motivations in exploring issues of spirituality and art and science was a curiosity about a strange phenomenon: the recent willingness of scientists to write about God as if God were an outcome of their...
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