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Topics: Energy, Mass, Kinetic energy Pages: 18 (2812 words) Published: January 20, 2013
mpleAnnexure – ‘F’
S.A.-II (2012-13)
Second Term

TotalMarks : 90
Matter - Its Nature and Behaviour
Organisation in the Living World
Motion, Force and Work
Our Environment


The Question Paper will include value based question(s)
To the extent of 3-5 marks.

The Problem Solving Assessment will be conducted for all students of class IX in Jan – Feb 2013 and the details are available in a separate circular. The `Problem Solving Assessment’ (CBSE-PSA) will be counted towards FA-4 which is 10% of total assessments of Class IX. This assessment will also be carried forward towards the FA-4 in Class X. This score will be reflected in one Language (English or Hindi), Mathematics, Science and Social Science w.e.f the session 2012-2013 for Class IX and 2013 – 14 for Class X. The same score will be reflected in FA-4 for class IX and Class X. The students will have the option to improve their PSA Score in Class X, as they can sit for the test with Class IX students of the Session 2013-2014 in January – February 2014. The best scores will be reflected in the final certificate in case of those applying for improvement.

The schools which have already planned their time table and other details regarding FA-4 will take the best scores of FA-3 and FA-4 to count towards the total 10%, now available for FA-3 and FA-4 taken together.

Theme : Materials

(28 Periods)

Unit : Matter - Nature and Behaviour
Particle nature, basic units :atoms and molecules. Law of constant proportions.Atomic and molecular masses.
Mole Concept :Relationship of mole to mass of the particles and numbers. Valency.Chemical formula of commoncompounds.
Structure of atom :Electrons, protons and neutrons; Isotopes and isobars.


Theme : The World of The Living

(23 Periods)

Unit : Organization in the living World.
Biological Diversity :Diversity of plants and animals - basic issues in scientific naming, basis of classification.Hierarchy of categories / groups, Major groups of plants (salient features) (Bacteria, Thalophyta, Bryophyta,Pteridophyta, gymnosperms and Angiosperms). Major groups of animals (salient features) (Non-chordates uptophyla and chordates upto classes). Health and Diseases :Health and its failure. Infectious and Non-infectious diseases, their causes and manifestation.Diseases caused by microbes (Virus, Bacteria and protozoans) and their prevention, Principles of treatment andprevention. Pulse polio programmes. Theme : Moving Things, People and Ideas

(24 Periods)
Unit : Motion, Force and Work
Floatation :Thrust and pressure. Archimedes' principle, buoyancy, elementary idea of relative density.
Work, energy and power :Work done by a force, energy, power; kinetic and potential energy; law of conservationof energy.
Sound :Nature of sound and its propagation in various media, speed of sound, range of hearing in humans; ultrasound;reflection of sound; echo and SONAR.
Structure of the human ear (auditory aspect only).
Theme : Natural Resources
(15 Periods)
Unit : Our environment
Physical resources :Air, Water, Soil.
Air for respiration, for combustion, for moderating temperatures; movements of air and its role in bringing rainsacross India.
Air, water and soil pollution ( brief introduction). Holes in ozone layer and the probable damages. Bio-geo chemical cycles in nature :Water, oxygen, carbon and nitrogen PRACTICALS
Practical should be conducted alongside the concepts taught in theory classes. SECOND TERM
1. To verify laws of reflection of sound.
2. To determine the density of solid (denser than water) by using a spring balance and a measuring cylinder.
3. To establish the relation between the loss in weight of a solid when fully immersed in a. tap water
b. strongly salty water, with the weight of water displaced by it by taking at least two different solids. 4. To observe and compare the pressure...
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