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  • Published: January 12, 2013
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Science far project

It has been proven that temperature does effect the growth of mold. Freezing temperature completely stops the growth of mold. HYPOTHESIS
Bread mold will grow faster in a warm and damp environment. Also, light, temperature, & humidity influence the growth rates of bread mold. VARIABLES
For this experiment, the independent variable is the environment in which the bread slice is kept. The dependent variable is the growth of bread mold. This is determined by inspecting the bread with a magnifying glass. The constants (control variables) are the room temperature, the age of the bread and the handling of the bread. MATERIALS

The materials required for this science fair project:
1. 5 slices of White bread
2. I cup of bottle water
3. 5 airtight, Ziploc plastic bag
4. A refrigerator
5. A magnifying glass
6. Adhesive labels
7. A writing Utensil, preferably a pen.
8. A pipet
9. A heater
1. Make sure you have all your required materials.
2. Make sure you label each zip lock/ baggy appropriately 3. The 5 slices of bread are prepared as follows :
4. A few drops of water are placed on the 1st slice of bread; place in a bag and it is kept in a dark and damp place, 5. The 2nd slice of bread is; placed in a bag & kept unattended under normal room conditions, 6. The 3rd slice of bread is placed in a bag; & is kept under the heater; 7. The 4th slice of bread is place in a bag; & is kept inside an air tight plastic bag and is kept near the window 8. The 5th slice of bread is place in a baggy & is kept in the refrigerator. 9. The bread slices are observed daily to see if there are any signs of mold growing. The results are recorded in the table. 10. If there is no sign of mold growth, the box will be ticked ‘ X’. If mold growth is found, the box is ticked ‘v’. DATA:

It is observed that the 1st bread slice with a few drops of water...
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