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GAC002 Assessment Event 4: Academic Research Essay

Compare and Contrast:
Traveling Alone V with A Group

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Essay Plan
No matter when a person feels like visiting a foreign country, the first question is not where to go but go alone or on an organized tour. There are contrasts and similarities between the two ways.

When it comes to travel, everyone has their own opinion. People may receive a few of suggestions from family and friends. However, no matter when a person feels like traveling, the first question is not where to go but go alone or on an organized tour.

1. There are some similarities between traveling alone and going with an organized tour. A. People can go where they want (location)
B. People will have experience, improve survival skills
C. Both way cost money, luxury

2. People who choose traveling alone will have more freedom. A. more control over specific destination and the amount of time spent at one location, which allows people to learn more about local culture B. going there by bike with a tent

C. freedom some tour guide lead travelers to shopping mall, it won’t happen if going by oneself.

3. Traveling becomes much easier in a tour group.
A. tour guides/companies do the entire planning just do as what the itineraries B. finding accommodations
C. companions, more fun

Conclusion: Different people have diverse thoughts. Personalities will influence people’s decisions. Though two ways are quite different, they are both worthy. It is okay which mode people like, the purpose of travel for people is to have a good time.

Question: When visiting a foreign country, some people like to travel alone while others prefer to go on an organized tour. Compare and contrast these two choices.

When a person plans to visit a foreign country, the first question is not where to go but to go alone or on...
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