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Topics: Soap, Water, Liquid Pages: 7 (1349 words) Published: April 21, 2013
The purpose of this project was to discover which bubble solution additive would make bubbles last the longest. The experiment involved making a basic bubble solution and dividing that solution into five cups. A different ingredient, the independent variable, was added to each of four cups. No ingredient was added to the fifth cup, which served as the control. Bubbles were blown using each of the five bubble solutions and the life of each bubble was timed and recorded in seconds.

The data supported my hypothesis that the additive glycerin made bubbles last the longest. The bubbles made with the glycerin solution lasted more than twice as long on average than the bubbles made from any of the other solutions tested.

I discovered that adding glycerin to a bubble solution will make it last longer than other additives or no additive.

When I was younger, I enjoyed blowing bubbles from both homemade and store-bought solutions. I know that some bubbles last longer than others. I have also observed that bubbles made with soap last longer than bubbles formed in nature in rivers and lakes.

Through reading about bubbles, I learned how water makes bubbles. Under the surface of the water, the water molecules are attracted to each other because the two hydrogen atoms of each water molecule are attracted to the one oxygen atom of each nearby water molecule. When water meets air, the water molecules are only pulled in one direction: back toward the liquid. This makes water have a stretchy “skin” that is called surface tension. The “skin” of water can be stretched around air just like a balloon.

Some substances can help bubbles last longer. Soap reduces surface tension which helps the bubble stay formed instead of being pulled back into a puddle of liquid. Other substances, like glycerin and sugar, reduce evaporation and hold in water which helps a bubble stay formed.

All of the bubble solutions that I researched had soap in them. However, there were different additives. I was curious about which additive made bubbles last the longest. As a result, I decided to test the following additives: lime juice, sugar, corn syrup, and glycerin.

Based on finding many homemade bubble recipes that include glycerin as an ingredient, my hypothesis is that adding glycerin to my homemade bubble solution of soap and water will cause my bubbles to last the longest.

* 5 empty plastic cups
* extra large mixing bowl
* metric measuring cup
* stopwatch
* lid from a container
* 5 drinking straws
* 2 cups of dishwashing liquid
* 8 cups of water
* 25 mL glycerin
* 25 mL corn syrup
* 25 mL sugar
* 25 mL lime juice

1.Prepare the bubble-making solution. Pour 2 cups of dishwashing liquid in 8 cups of water. Stir. 2.Pour 125 milliliters of the bubble-making solution into each of the plastic cups. Label each cup with one of the following names: glycerin, corn syrup, sugar, lime juice, and soap. Add 25 milliliters of each additive to the cup marked with its name. Stir each solution with separate drinking straws. 3.Test each solution one at a time. Pour some of the solution into the empty lid. Hold the drinking straw in the center of the thin layer and blow a bubble until it is the same diameter as the lid. Remove the straw and begin timing the number of seconds on the watch. Record the length of time that the bubble lasts. Clean the lid thoroughly. Repeat the experiment nine more times to be sure the results are about the same each time. 4.Repeat the experiment with each of the other four solutions, testing each solution a total of ten times. Find the average bubble life for each solution.

I made a basic bubble solution of dishwashing liquid and water. I separated the basic solution into four cups, and I added the following additives to each cup: lime juice, sugar, corn syrup, and glycerin. I added a...
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