Science on Food

Topics: Food additive, Affect, Effect Pages: 1 (430 words) Published: May 26, 2013
Margareth Haryono
Tuesday, March 27, 2012
Good Effect of Science on Food
Most of the media tells people that using additive substances to the food we eat will bring bad effects to our body. As we can see from the newspaper and magazine’s articles, food additives such as aspartame can cause nausea and headache. For long term use it can cause hallucination. Instead of seeing the bad effects of applying science for food, we also need to know the good effects of science on food. There are a lot of good effects of science on food, not only the bad things like what media emphasizes on us. First of all, by applying science to our food, we can store the food for longer period than before. Knowledge of science can be applied in order to create additive substances that will make the food uneasy to rot. In the other hand, applying science to create a good package for the food is also important. Because using wrong material for packaging can damage the food or even make the food easy to rot. Longer store period for food is important because sometimes we need to bring some food when we want to go camping or travelling. Therefore in order to make life easier, applying science on food gives us a good effect to make things easier for people. The other good effect is increasing the quality of the food. Applying the science on food can result in better and bigger food. We use fertilizer to grow plants and hormone for livestock. Also we can make the food taste better by additive ingredients. All those application of science to our food lead us to the better living than before. In the other hand, the price of the food becomes cheaper than before. We will find out that is easier for every farmer to grow the plants and raise livestock, so we find it easy to find several types of food in the large number in the market. If we can find large number of food in market, the price also becomes cheaper than usual. In the good part is, when the food becomes cheaper, people are...
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