Science of Sunlight and Stars

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Science of Sunlight and StarsScience of Sunlight and Stars
In this paper, the writer will explain how the astronomical instruments help astronomers determine the composition, the temperature, the rate of speed, and the amount of the rotation rate of distant objects. The paper will also explain in detail the properties of stars and what is a Hertzsprung - Russell diagram. The sun is explained to have a lifecycle, and its nature of where it is in its lifecycle, and all the properties of there. At the center of the solar system is the sun which was formed about 4 billion years ago. The sun is consisted of hot plasma and mingled with magnetic fields. Through nuclear fusion, the sun keeps burning brightly. With the sun being made up as a star, the lifecycle is determined by mass of the sun. The sun consists of an average mass measurement. The sun started its life as a huge cloud of dust and gas. The life span of the star from birth to its death can last a frame of a few millions years to several billion years. During the adult years of the sun, it evolves very slowly and consumes hydrogen in to its core surface. In the mid-life time frame of the sun, the Earth’s atmosphere will lose water vapors as it is lost out to space. In the older age of the sun, it grows in radius and the temperature cools from around 5500 to 4900 Kelvin (1997, Poggee). In the start of this century, astronomer Ejnar Hertzsprung studied the luminosities and types of stars. Soon, he and American astronomer, Henry Russell, created a graphical representation comparing a star’s temperature against its luminosity (also called absolute magnitude) and types of stars. The stars consist of six properties, brightness, distance, luminosity, radius, chemical composition, and temperature.

Lifestyle of The Sun. (2010). Retrieved from Poggee, R. W. (1997, June 12). The Once...
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