Science of Sociology

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Science of Sociology

By | October 2008
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How did sociology originate?
Sociology, among other disciplines such as economics, political science, anthropology, and psychology, is comparatively a new study among other social sciences. Sociology is defined as a social science that studies human societies, institutions and their interactions. It examines the dynamics of constituent parts of societies around the world such as communities, populations, and gender, racial, or age groups. Sociology also studies social status or stratification, social movements, and social change, as well as societal disorder in the form of crime, deviance, and revolution. Humans depend on social institutions and organizations to inform their decisions and actions. Given the important role organizations play in influencing human action, it is sociology's task to discover how organizations affect the behavior of people, how they are established, how organizations interact with one another, how they decay, and, ultimately, how they disappear. Among the most basic organizational structures are economic, religious, educational, and political institutions, as well as more specialized institutions such as the family, the community, the military, peer groups, clubs, and volunteer associations. The term sociology was coined by Auguste Comte. His goal was to merge the vast studies of mankind such as history, psychology and economics. His belief was that all humans around the globe have gone through the same distinctive historical stages like one another. During the 18th and 19th century, his sociological proposal was typical. He furthermore believed that if one could grasp this progress of human life, that one could prescribe the remedies for social ills. Comet wanted to separate sociology from moral philosophy to become a specialized discipline. Much 19th-century sociology had no system for gathering and analyzing data, but over time the inadequacies of speculative methods became increasingly evident, as did the need for obtaining...

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