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  • Published : October 30, 2011
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Butter lab
1 Introduction:

While doing this experiment we used 3 terms. We used cream, butter, and butter milk. Cream is unhomogenized butter. Butter is what we got after the lab was finished. Butter milk is the milk around the butter after it is homogenized and it is thicker than normal milk. If we shake the cream in a jar than will it turn into butter? If I shake the cream than it will turn into butter because it will homogenized. In this lab you will shake a jar of cream and see if will turn to butter.. This was tested by having a jar sit on the table and the other jar shaken. After this you will be able to see the difference. 2 Materials and Methods

(a) Materials:
1. Dish soap
2. Crackers
3. Cream
(b) Equipment:
4. Balance
5. Jars
6. Graduated Cylinder
7. Safety Goggles
8. Plastic Spoon
9. “Magic” Paper
(c) Safety/disposal
10. Do not eat if allergic
11. Dispose butter milk into big jar
(d) Procedure
12. Get all equipment and materials listed above 13. Fill a graduated cylinder with 30 mL of cream 14. Pour the 30 mL of cream from the graduated cylinder into a baby jar, and cover jar 15. Repeat steps 2-3, but pour the cream into the empty jar. 16. Cover both jars with the “magic” paper 17. Take only one jar and shake it until the sound goes away and it starts to make a different sound 18. Measure the amount of buttermilk made in the graduated cylinder 19. Pour non shaken cream into disposal container 20. With a plastic spoon you can taste...
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