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Bintou Kabba May 25, 2011
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The Botana Curus is a special plant that produces the compound used to cure certain types of cancer. This special plant produces a compound called curol. As of right now this plant is actually endangered. There three plants like the Botana Curus. Which are species x, y, and z. These three plants might have the potential to produce the curol that the Bc is endangered and may not be able to produce. We will be testing these plants molecular and structural traits to see which one is closely related to the Botana Curus , using microscopes simulated electrophoresis and much more. MATERIALS:

The materials we used :
1)The Lab packet
2)Foam cups
3)Chromatography paper
4)Pen or Pencil
5)Microscope slides for species x ,y ,z ,and the Botana Curus 6)Microtip dropper
7)Plant extract
The first thing we did in this Lab experiment was complete the pre-lab questions. Next, we completed tests 1 and 2 wich was basically to oibserve the structural characteristics of the plants and seeds through a microscope . Then we came up with an hypothesis for wich species would be most closely related to the botana curus. Thirdly, we looked at the slides and comapared the arrangements of the bundles. Next we completed test four wich had to do with the chromatography paper and sepperating the different colored pigmentsfor each plant. Then, we did test five wich tested the plants for a fizz to check if they have enzyme M. Test six was the simulated gel electrophoresis that would compare the DNA. Lastly, we changed the sequence of DNA code to make amino acid to understand our data. Results:

See attached lab packet…
1.The plant that is most closely related to the Botana Curus was species Z. Since the chromatography paper and the enzyme M test both showed there identical traits. Also they have the exact same protein patterns.

2.The molecular...
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