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Topics: PH, Enzyme, Catalase Pages: 2 (292 words) Published: February 28, 2013
Enzyme Activity Lab

Objective: To determine the effect of temperature, PH and enzyme concentration on catalase activity. Introduction: What is an enzyme and how the enzyme works.
Any of a group of complex proteins or conjugated proteins thatare produced by living cells and act as catalysts in specific biochemical reactions. The system in which enzymes work is often referred to as the 'lock and key' system it’s where the enzyme and the substrate lock together.

The substrate then unlocks into small properties
Leaving the enzyme unharmed but the substrate having formed into its products Below is the formula
enzyme + substrate ↔ enzyme- substrate complex ↔ enzyme + products [ E ] + [ S ] ↔ [ ES ] ↔ [ E ] + [ P ]
Potato Cubes (contains the enzyme catalase)
Hydrogen Peroxide
Hydrochloric Acid
Sodium Hydroxide
PH Paper
Hot Plate with Boiling Water
Sucrose Solution
Metric Ruler
Table 6.1 Catalase Activity
Tube| Contents| Bubble Column Height| Explanation|
1| Catalase Hydrogen Peroxide| 6mm/ 10mm (4minutes later)| Catalase reaction to Hydrogen Peroxide makes bubble height| 2| Water Hydrogen| 0mm | Water doesn’t react to or with Hydrogen. Water only dilutes. No enzyme| 3| Catalase Sucrose Solution| 0mm| Substrate was absent|

Table 6.2 Effect of Temperature
Tube| Temperature ˚C| Bubble Column Height (mm)| Explanation| 1| | | |
2| | | |
3 Boiling Water| 98˚C| 0mm| Hot temperature water kills enzymes|

Table 6.3 Effect of Enzyme Concentration
Tube| Amount of Enzyme| Bubble Column Height (mm)| Explanation| 1| 1 Drop| 4mm (10minutes)| |
2| 10 Drops| 28mm (10minutes)| The more enzyme the more bubble height| 3| | | |

Table 6.4 Effect of pH
Tube| pH| Bubble Height Column (mm)| Explanation|
1| 1-2| Red| Hydro Cloric Acid. No Catalase Activity|
2| 6-7| Yellow-Green4mm| Catalase, Water, Hydrogen Peroxide. Good Catalase Activity| 3| 12-13| Blue|...
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