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Name Earth’s Interior HW Packet
HW #1 Plate Tectonics (pages 676–683)
1.Is the following sentence true or false? According to the theory of plate tectonics, Earth’s plates move about quickly on top of the crust.
Continental Drift (page 677)
2.The process by which the continents move slowly across Earth’s surface is called .
Sea-floor Spreading (pages 678–679)
3.Is the following sentence true or false? The theory of sea-floor spreading explains why rocks of the ocean floor are youngest near the mid-ocean ridge.
4.Circle the letter that completes the sentence. Sea-floor spreading
new oceanic crust at mid-ocean ridges.
a.creates| b.destroys|
The Theory of Plate Tectonics (pages 679–680)
5.Heat from Earth’s interior causes convection currents in Earth’s
6.Circle the sentences that are true about the theory of
plate tectonics.
a.The ocean floor sinks back into the mantle at subduction zones.
b.The heat that drives convection currents comes from solar energy.
c.Hot rock rises at mid-ocean ridges, cools and spreads out as ocean sea floor.
Teacher Stamp/Initial
d.Plate motions are the surface portion of mantle convection.

Plate Boundaries (pages 681–682)
7.Identify each type of plate boundary.

a.| b.| c.|
Exceeds - Use plate tectonics to explain where mountains form.

HW #2 Section 22.5 Earthquakes (pages 684–689)
1.An earthquake releases energy that is carried
by vibrations called .
Stress in Earth’s Crust (page 685)
2.Name three ways that stress can affect rocks.
3.Is the following sentence true or false? Stress from moving tectonic plates produces faults and folds in Earth’s crust. ________ Earthquakes and Seismic Waves (pages 686–687)
4.Why do earthquakes occur?

5.Is the following sentence true or false? The location underground where an earthquake begins is called the focus.

6.The location on Earth’s surface directly above the focus of an earthquake is called the .
7.Circle the sentences that are true about the physics of earthquakes.
a.Stress builds in areas where rocks along fault lines snag and remain locked.
b.In an earthquake, rocks break and grind past each other, releasing energy.
c.Potential energy is transformed into kinetic energy in the form of seismic waves.
d.Potential energy increases as rocks break and move.

8.Typically, the first seismic waves to be detected at a distance are
Measuring Earthquakes (page 687)
9.What devices do geologists use to record seismic waves?

Seismographic Data (page 689)
10.Most earthquakes are concentrated along .
Teacher Stamp/Initial
11.Is the following sentence true or false? Some earthquakes will occur in the interior of plates.
12.Is the following statement true or false? When seismic waves interact with boundaries between different kinds of rock within Earth, they can be reflected, refracted, or diffracted.

Exceeds - How can earthquakes be used to map the location of a plate boundary?

HW #3 Section 22.1 Earth’s Structure (pages 660–663)
A Cross Section of Earth (pages 661–663)
4.Circle the letters of the major layers of Earth’s interior.
5.Scientists divide Earth’s interior into the crust, mantle, and core based on the .
6. Much of the Earth’s crust is made up of .
9.The layer of Earth called the is found
directly below the crust.
10.Circle the letters of each sentence that is true about Earth’s mantle.
a.It is the thickest layer of Earth.
b.It is divided into layers based on the physical properties of rock.
c.It is less dense than the crust.
d. It is made mainly of silicates.
11.The lithosphere includes the uppermost part of Earth’s mantle and Earth’s .
12.Is the following sentence true or false? Rock flows slowly in the asthenosphere.
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