Science Is Curse or Boon

Topics: Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Nuclear weapon, War Pages: 2 (314 words) Published: May 26, 2011
American society and the world

After effects of radiation such as keloids, leukemia, cancer, and birth defects still appear even today

The atomic bomb's initial explosion may have been devastating, but it also had many after effects. Three days later, a 10,000 pound bomb, Fat Man, was dropped on Nagasaki, Japan, resulting in 60 to 80 thousand deaths

The exploitation of science can result in several disastrous consequences like nuclear wars, catastrophic pollution and ruinous bloodshed.

The same science which has been of such great assistance to mankind has another face. Science which has bestowed us with development, progress, expansion and growth has also brandished us with hostilities, destruction, violence, ruin, devastation, annihilation bloodshed, carnage and obliteration.

Gone are the days when peace and tranquility used to prevail throughout the world. Today a gun booms in one corner of the world or another everyday. Wars are fought between... Upgrade Now

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