Science Investegatory Project

Topics: Black pepper, Fruit, Chili pepper Pages: 4 (756 words) Published: October 25, 2012
An ant lives everywhere on land, being the most numerous in insect species.They live on underground and create those earthier mounds. Some lives on trees and some on hollow parts of certain plants. They can be considered as a menace in our kitchen and dining hall.

Cockroaches have been a problem to many of us. They may contaminate our food with the filth they carry, and causes sickness. And it's so hard avoiding these things because they come and go whenever, wherever.

These insects are pests once they are allowed to multiply. To control these pests, chemical insecticides are usually used in many of us but there are many harmful effects in using those chemicals. Among those are dangers they threaten on our surroundings. It causes and adds to pollution.

Some plants produce a distinctive chemical or odor that can drive away insects. Realizing the good potential of these plants in controlling insects, botanical or organic materials are used now, being considered instead of wide spread use of chemical ones. Since some of this plants are commonly growing in our backyards, they are inexpensive and environment friendly.

This study uses the extract of chili and makabuhai plant to control pests in our house. The makabuhai extracts contains bitter substance and chili produce spicy like taste and smell. It is possible that this taste and smell is offensive to insects. •STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM

1.) Is it effective?
2.) Is it environmental friendly?
3.) Is it cheaper than the commercial ones?
1.) YES, it is effective
2.) YES, it is environmental friendly since this plants are commonly growing in our backyards. 3.) YES, because we can find these plants in our backyards.
This study investigates the potential of the makabuhai and chili extracts combine together as a household insecticide against ants and cockroaches....
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