Science in the Service of Man

Topics: Invention, Time, Industrial Revolution Pages: 2 (543 words) Published: May 12, 2013
Science in The Service of Man

Science has contributed greatly in Man's welfare and happiness. We are living in an age in which science's services and achievements are to be felt and noticed everywhere. Science has made life much easier and more comfortable; it has reduced time, distance, and effort. It changed our life dramatically, mostly to the better. Science is doing miraculous service in the field of health. It has helped in saving many lives and curing fatal diseases. In the past, epidemics used to take many lives, but vaccination has brought them under control. Many medicines has been created that can cure almost every disease known and relief all sorts of pain. The discovery of X-rays has helped in locating bone fractures. Fine surgical instruments and inventions have made operations performed easily with high chances of success. Scientific inventions in the fields of transportation and communication have been great help to man. Since time immemorial, transportation has been a grave concern, taming the unbridled nature to conform man’s needs was a plain mien only reflects his inkling, not till the Industrial Revolution, rendering every aspect of our daily life and using machinery on ships and manufactures; discovering the steam power bore the very first notions of trains and later on planes. Now, the trip of which the yore used to have in years, we behold it in a few hours. Communications, in the other hand, are the sheer miraculous entity that everyone regards with a personal gratitude; saving time and effort; one could contact his peers, shop, and even run his job with just his cell phone. The media, by exerting the right means, are able to augment one’s view and give him the opportunity to see the world through just a screen; and that was the beginning of a worldwide definition called Globalization. For the last few decades, we have seen, experienced, and helped in the birth of the greatest tool science has deigned upon humanity which is The...
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