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  • Published : June 5, 2012
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Which Fruit or Vegetable Generates the Most Electricity?
People always talk about saving energy, or becoming “eco-friendly”. People have found many ways to produce electricity, but have they ever tried fruits or vegetables? This project finds which fruit or vegetable produces the most electricity. I tested ten different fruits and vegetables (independent variable) to see which generated the most electricity by measuring the amount of electricity produced in mV (dependent variable) for each one. My hypothesis was that the grapefruit would generate the most electricity compared to all the other fruits and vegetables. The experimental results did not support my hypothesis and showed that the apple had generated the most electricity. This also shows that if a fruit or vegetable is high in citric acid, it does not mean that it will generate the most electricity. Question

Which fruit or vegetable can generate the most electric input? Variables
Independent Variable: Fruit or vegetable used.
Dependent Variable: Amount of electrical input.
Table 1
Test Subject| Controlled Variables for each Fruit and Vegetable| Unit of Electricity For All Test Subjects| Apple| Copper nail| mV|
Carrot| Zinc nail|  |
Grapefruit|  |  |
Kiwi|  |  |
Lemon|  |  |
Lime|  |  |
Orange|  |  |
Pear|  |  |
Potato|  |  |
Tomato|  |  |
As I test fruits and vegetables, the grapefruit will produce the most electricity. Background Research
Batteries come in many different shapes and sizes. Some are even shaped like fruit. Or wait… maybe they are fruit. Certain fruits or vegetables contain substances called ascorbic acid, citric acid, or NADH (which is a chemical that generates cellular energy). If the experiment is done right these chemicals act as electrolytes and then undergo a process called electrolysis. Electrolysis means a chemical change produced by electric current passing through an...
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