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  • Published : March 26, 2013
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The purpose for doing this Science Fair project is to figure out which soil will grass grow in the fastest, Potting soil, Organic soil, Garden soil, or Lawn soil.


The first step for this experiment is to gather all of your materials, which is the following, Four round stone plates, Four medium sized planting pots, Potting soil, Organic soil, Garden soil, Lawn soil, labels, sharpie marker (red), a plastic 7oz cup, Measuring cup, grass seed, and a data log book. After you have all those materials you will need to take the four stone plates and put them under the four pots. Its to prevent the water from over flowing and its also less mess. Next you take the 7oz plastic cup and take four cups of each soil , Potting soil, Organic soil, Garden soil, and Lawn soil and place it into one of the four pots, so each soil has its own individual pot. Then take the labels and place two labels covering the front of each pot. Next you label Pot one, Pot two, Pot three, and Pot four. After that you label the type of soil that is in that pot. Then you have to get one tablespoon of grass seed and cover the top of each pot so it is well spreading out. Mix but very gently so you get the grass seed deeper down. When you finish doing that you must only take about 250milaleters of water and fully water the grass, do this for each pot. Next just put he pots where they all can get around the same amount of sunlight, because if not all the same, well the results will come out different or to be specific out of range of what your testing. The last step is to record all of the data you have just did and everyday check the grass to see what has changed, but a good reminder for watering the grass, don’t drown the grass or you will observe a pond in your pot which will ruin the experiment.


The conclusion for doing this science fair project was that well it was a little messy but in a way it was fun, and I learned a lot of new things about...
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