Science Essay on Force

Topics: Mass, Newton's laws of motion, Weight Pages: 3 (582 words) Published: April 20, 2013
LAB: Force Lab

Research Question: How does the change in mass of an object affect the force and time while the object is moving down a height of 31cm?

Hypothesis: My prediction is that the greater the mass of the toy car the larger the force of gravity, as the product of the masses of two objects increases, the force of gravity that attracts them toward each other increases. According to Newton’s law of universal gravitation, “gravity and mass are directly proportional” hence, creating a greater force of gravity and a faster speed. As well as, Newton’s second law of motion is: “Force = Mass x Acceleration” and if the mass is larger the force will be greater. Newton’s law of universal gravitation.

Newton’s law of universal gravitation.


IV (Independent Variable): The mass of the car (kg)

DV (Dependent Variable): The time (seconds)

CV (Control Variable): same timer , same distance travelled (1.2 m), same weighing scale, height of the ramp (31 cm), surface of ramp, the same toy car.


* A timer set to 0.00 (seconds)
* A weighing scale
* A measuring tape (meters)
* A toy car
* 5 weights, each measuring 10 grams
* A wooden ramp
* Laboratory Jack
* Scotch tape
* Calculator (for the calculations)
* Pencil/Pen
* Paper (for results table)


1. Get into groups of three or four and decide if you will change the mass of the object or the height of the ramp from where you will drop the object.

2. Next, collect all the above mentioned materials that you will need for the experiment and take caution of all the safety procedures. (Bags under desks, no running in classroom etc.)

3. Set the weighing scale to 0.00 grams

4. Place the toy car on the weighing scale and measure the mass of the car (kg). Then record the mass on a results table using a pen/pencil on a piece of paper.

5. Reset the weighing scale back to 0.00 grams

6. Take one weight (10...
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