Science Essay About Moons of Our Solar System

Topics: Solar System, Planet, Jupiter Pages: 3 (981 words) Published: May 16, 2011
95 Worlds & Counting

Have you ever wondered if mankind would ever travel to other planets? Maybe we can if we can survive their extreme climates. Why don’t we travel to something that we can survive on like the moons of our solar system? Currently there are 95 moons in our solar system and still counting. Actually NASA actually plan on visiting some of the moons and sending probes to ones we can’t survive on but maybe can have life on it. There is Triton, the coldest moon of our solar system and largest moon of Neptune. Io, the hottest moon of our solar system, orbits Jupiter. Phobos is actually a very small moon that orbits Mars and has a very low gravity making it cheaper to visit. There is also the moon Titan which is Saturn’s moon and the largest one, and another moon Europa which orbits Jupiter and has the first ocean that is not on Earth.

Triton, the coldest moon of our solar system, is the biggest moon of Neptune. It actually has some very interesting features; there are ice volcanoes of liquid nitrogen, geysers of boiling nitrogen that are the highest in the solar system and it has an ice sculptured landscape. The lava from the ice volcanoes are just melted ice that creates the moon’s landscape. It also has one twelfths of Earth’s gravitational pull. It is located three billion miles for the sun and its temperature go as low as 400 degrees below zero. Traveling five hundred million miles from the sun, orbiting Jupiter, is the moon Io. Io is the hottest moon in our solar system and it is a melting world of lava, volcanoes, and air that you can’t breathe. Loki is the largest volcano in the solar system and located on Io. Amurabi is a lava flow of 300 miles. Io is truly hell. The lava on Io flows like oil and us 500 degrees hotter than Earth’s lava. You can’t even outrun the lava of Io; there are mountains twice as large as Mount Everest. The radiation from Jupiter is extreme, four thousand times the lethal dose. Io even has auroras....
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