Science Discussion Potential Difference in Electrical Circuit

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  • Published : June 17, 2012
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Potential Difference in Electrical Circuit
We conducted this experiment to test out the relationship of potential differences and currents in series and parallel circuits. We were to indicate the special properties that the potential differences and currents had with both types of circuits. In short, we were to test out Kirchhoff's laws.

Before starting the lab, we had to pick three different resistors and we were to calculate the values for the total resistances, potential differences, and currents for both circuits. Then, we were to take out the needed materials and parts of the circuits to start the lab. We then build a series circuit, with three resistors, a switch, a power source, and a few spacers in between. Next, we were to configure the multimeter as a voltmeter and an ammeter, to measure the potential differences and currents of the resistors in the series circuit. Later, we were to follow the same procedure with a parallel circuit.

The biggest error that was presented in this lab was the calculated values. My calculated values were flawed and therefore, while conducting the lab not much made sense because the measured and calculated values wouldn't match. The major mistake made with the calculated values was that I did not measure the accurate values for the resistors and instead I went along using the values written on the resistors. This was my biggest mistake, because the values written on the resistors were not accurate. Consequently, with inaccurate resistor values, all the other calculated amounts were also incorrect.

For the parallel circuit, recurrently the same mistake with measuring the resistors was made, however along with one other misunderstanding. I had not started this lab with basic knowledge about the special properties of parallel and series circuits, like calculating the total resistance in a parallel circuit. Ergo, for the total measured resistance of the resistors in the parallel circuit,...
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