Science Culminating

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  • Published : January 17, 2013
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Science Culminating

Why People Should Smoke Publicly

By: Jane Striezova
Course Number: SNC2P
Teachers Name: Kevin Quinn
Due Date: January, Friday 11th, 2013

2P Science- Culminating Part 2 Opinion Writing

| Problems With Smoking Publicly | Further Information | |Triggers Breathing Problems |Public smoking could cause non-smokers in the area to have a | | |medical emergency because of to breathing problems. Action on | | |Smoking and Health states that more than 100 million Americans | | |have problems with asthma, bronchitis and other breathing-related| | |conditions that smoking can aggravate. | |Circulation Issues |The American Cancer Society states that second-hand smoke causes | | |immediate heart and blood circulation problems. This could cause | | |lung cancer and heart disease if people who do not smoke | | |consistently get exposed to second-hand smoke. Public smoking | | |could put people who have never smoked at risk for these | | |diseases. | |Rising Health Care Costs...
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