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  • Published : July 24, 2011
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In recent years, a lack of communication between people has been a significant issue in modern society. It is certainly true of my home town. In this essay, several reasons of the phenomenon and solutions will be discussed. One of the biggest reasons is that people has lost their opportunities to interact with neighbours. There used to be various kinds of local communities few decades ago, however, less and less people participate in these communities because they are busy for work and study in a recent hectic society. The development of technology also has lead to little relationship in the society. While people tend to spend more time at home by internet surfing, the conventional method of 'communication' is losing its importance. A lack of connection within the community units may significantly influence the society. In fact, an increase in the amount of crime in my hometown is now one of the vital issues and many of them seem to be solved by the improvement of local communities. To solve the issues, the local counsel should provide more practical community supports for citizens so that people can gather frequently to exchange their information. It is also important to have special occasions such as local festivals, meetings and educational classes in order to enhance person's quality of life too. In conclusion, even though there are some issues of a lack of communication between people in my hometown, the problems can be solved by enhancement of community supports.

In today's world, technology has invaded many aspects of human life. From its gigantic influence on our education and professional development, to the more subtle presence of little gadgets littering our homes, technology is almost everywhere. The reasons for such pervasiveness would boil down to some characteristics that technology by itself possesses. One such characteristic, which is of major interest to many scholars, is the seeming lack of barriers to the spread of technology. It easily...
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