Science and Music

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  • Published : September 27, 2013
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Scientific Method
Part One:

1. The independent variable of the experiment is the type of music each person is listening too. The dependent variable is the pulse of each person. 2. An improvement that can be made is that one person is tested instead of a few. This is an improvement because every person can have a different pulse to begin with which will change the data.

Part Two:

Purpose: Which music stimulates plant growth fastest?

Specific topics I would research are plant growth, and effects of music. Two practical resources I can use are scientific articles on this experiment, or another persons recorded data.

If rock music is played, then the plants will grow faster because the tempo is faster. If classical music is played, then the plants will grow faster because the music is slower. I will use the first hypothesis.

For a month I will place four plants in a different rooms. One room will have country music, one will have rock, one will have a classical, and the last will have no music. Every day I will measure the plant and keep a record. To keep variables controlled, I will keep the rooms the same temperature with the same amount of sunlight, and water them the same amount. The independent variable is the music, the dependent is the height of the plant.

While conducting the experiment, the plants will grow at different heights. I will record the measurements of the plants height.

To determine if the hypothesis is correct or incorrect, I will check the recorded measurements and see which plant is taller at the end of the month. If my hypothesis is incorrect, I will check my records too see which plant really grew the tallest.
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